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Soteck Factory / All blades of hand saws are used with high-quality Japanese steel material, Plastic components all meeting the requirements of PAHS and Reach.

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Core Values | 35 Years Taiwan Hand Saws - Cutting Tools Manufacturer | Soteck

Based in Taiwan since 1992, Soteck Corporation has been a hand saw manufacturer. Their main manufacturing products, include Pruning Saws, Folding Saws, Hacksaws, Woodworking Hand Saws, Japanese Saws, Drywall Saws, Tree Pruners, Junior Hacksaws and Tenon Hand Saws, which are ISO9001 certified, got GS product safety and passed Amfori BSCI (the latest version) audit.

Soteck specializes in hand saws and cutting tools and boasts of 30 years of manufacturing and export experience. We have passed ISO9001 certification, got GS product safety approvals and earned many product patents. We have an outstanding R&D team who constantly develops new designs depending on market demand ensures that our products fully meet customers' quality expectations and needs. With more than 30 years of manufacturing experiences for Pruning Saw, Folding Saw, Hacksaw, Woodworking Hand Saw, Japanese Saw, Drywall Saw, Tree Pruner, Junior Hacksaw, Tenon Saw....etc.

Soteck has been offering customers high-quality hand saws, both with advanced technology and 35 years of experience, Soteck ensures each customer's demands are met.

Core Values

Soteck Factory
Soteck Factory

Soteck was founded in 1992, specializing in producing saws and cutting tools like hacksaw, handsaw, pruning saw, knife set and tool set. We have eight core values runs through the organization: Integrity, Quality, Diligence, Communication, Respect, Improvement, Service, Creativity.

Our customers can depend on our honesty. We hold ourselves accountable for everything we provide and are consistently fair to all our partners.
Only the best is acceptable - and the best can always be better. Delivering quality products and excellent service is the responsibility of every Soteck employee and earns the long-term loyalty of our customers.
Hard work is essential to the creation of lifelong customers. We value and reward the efforts of our employees.
The only real success is the success that comes with teamwork-and teamwork requires communication and cooperation.
We believe in our customers and employees. We treat all people with respect and dignity.
Our request for quality leads us to focus on continuous improvement. We deeply believe that there is always room for improvement so we invest in our future through education, training and innovation.
Our responsibility as a corporate citizen guides our decisions. We actively contribute to the world around us.
We know ideas for improvement can come from anyone, anywhere. At Soteck, we encourage creativity among our employees and are always open to new ideas and solutions.