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Gardening & Outdoor Tools - Garden Saw, Garden Pruner and Garden Knife / All blades of hand saws are used with high-quality Japanese steel material, Plastic components all meeting the requirements of PAHS and Reach.

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Gardening & Outdoor Tools - Garden Saw, Garden Pruner and Garden Knife | Woodworking Hand Saws - Cutting Tools Manufacturer | Soteck

Based in Taiwan since 1992, Soteck Corporation has been a hand saw manufacturer. Their main manufacturing products, include Garden Tools, Pruning Saws, Folding Saws, Hacksaws, Woodworking Hand Saws, Japanese Saws, Drywall Saws, Tree Pruners, Junior Hacksaws and Tenon Hand Saws, which are ISO9001 certified, got GS product safety and passed Amfori BSCI (the latest version) audit.

Soteck specializes in hand saws and cutting tools and boasts of 30 years of manufacturing and export experience. We have passed ISO9001 certification, got GS product safety approvals and earned many product patents. We have an outstanding R&D team who constantly develops new designs depending on market demand ensures that our products fully meet customers' quality expectations and needs. With more than 30 years of manufacturing experiences for Pruning Saw, Folding Saw, Hacksaw, Woodworking Hand Saw, Japanese Saw, Drywall Saw, Tree Pruner, Junior Hacksaw, Tenon Saw....etc.

Soteck has been offering customers high-quality hand saws, both with advanced technology and 35 years of experience, Soteck ensures each customer's demands are met.

Garden Tools

Gardening & Outdoor Tools - Garden Saw, Garden Pruner and Garden Knife

Cutting Tools for Pruning
Cutting Tools for Pruning

The right garden tools make any work in the garden easier and more efficient. Garden saws, pruners and knives are essential garden tools every gardener should own in the toolbox. Soteck supplies different types of garden saws, pruners and knives, each type designed for specific kind of cutting task in the garden. Anyone who wants to make garden plants look attractive or to increase the health and productivity of flowering or fruiting shrubs should select garden tools from Soteck for clean and fast cutting.

  • Garden Pruning Saw - Curved and Straight Blade Tree Pruning Hand Saw supplier
    Garden Pruning Saw
    Curved Blade and Straight Blade Pruning Hand Saw supplier

    When branches, shrubs and trees in need of trimming are so large and thick that it's very difficult to complete cutting tasks with any pruning shear or lopper or when spaces are too tight to use bow saws, pruning saws are the most suitable cutting tools. Pruning saws are common used for cutting or trimming trees, plants, shrubs and wood. Soteck, a pruning saw producer in Taiwan, provides many types of pruning saws to meet all needs from people engaged in outdoor activities, gardening and home improvement.

  • Garden Folding Saw - Hand-held Folding Saw for Cutting Through Dry and Green Wood manufacturer
    Garden Folding Saw
    Gardening and Outdoor Folding Pruning Hand Saw

    Folding saws which are foldable, lightweight, small in sizes, safer, easy to carry and convenient to store are used for trimming or cutting through dry and green wood. Everyone who is involved in gardening like pruning branches and trees, in landscaping, as well as in outdoor activities like camping, hiking and hunting should have one folding saw. Soteck, a folding saw producer, have many different types of folding saws which provide fast cuts are optimal choices to save money and efforts.

  • Garden Tree Pruner - Tree Pruner Cuts High Branches manufacturer
    Garden Tree Pruner
    Long Reach Handle-Operated Bypass Tree Pruner supplier

    Except a pole saw, anyone who wants to cut high branches without climbing a ladder can select a garden tree pruner instead. A garden tree pruner which has a long-reach arm is usually used to prune smaller fruit trees or to cut dead-head flower on shrubs. It's very easy to use a garden tree pruner almost without any skill and it only needs some strength in hands to squeeze the trigger. Soteck works with Japanese experts to develop a professional garden tree pruner to let users easily do trimming overhead.

  • Garden Pole Saw - High Tree Pruning Pole Saw
    Garden Pole Saw
    Tree Pole Pruner manufacturer

    If someone needs to cut high tree branches without a ladder or is unwilling to stand on a ladder to do trimming because of a concern for safety, a special type of the cutting tool called "pole saw" was suggested. Pole saws can be mounted onto an extension. Soteck's pole saw which features sharp curved blade with other two cutting areas, the upper sickle hook and the lower sickle, is ideal for high tree pruning tasks.

  • Garden Utility Knife - Knife for Weeding and Harvesting
    Garden Utility Knife
    Garden Knife supplier

    A garden utility knife which is a hand cutting tool with a sharp cutting edge is most commonly used for grass, fruit, plant and little branch cutting. Soteck, a utility knife producer in Taiwan, provides varied utility knives serving different purposes in gardening and farming like weeding and harvesting. Soteck's utility knife which also can be used in home improvement like cutting carpet or linoleum and even in some outdoor activities like camping and hunting is designed for fast cuts.

  • Garden Pruning Shear - Hand Pruner, Scissor, Shear
    Garden Pruning Shear
    Hand Pruner, Utility Scissor manufacturer

    A pruning shear is normally a type of hand-operated scissor for use on little branch, shrub, flower, fruit, and plant. A pruning shear which makes jobs at the garden and farm done much more quickly and easily can keep garden or farm looks neater and more attractive. Soteck, a bypass pruning shear producer in Taiwan, provides pruning shears helping to do trimming jobs for taking care of the health of plants, resulting in the better productivity. A pruning shear also can be used for fruit harvesting jobs.