12inch (300mm) High-Tension Hacksaw

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Patented & Tested 12inch (300mm) High-Tension Hacksaw Manufacturing. GS Approved, PAHs, RoHS And REACH Free, 100% Made in Taiwan - Soteck

Soteck Corporation, since 1992, is a saw and cutting tools with ISO certified manufacturing process and CRM management system. High-tension hacksaws, gardening saws and pruning saws with GS approved, and PAHs, RoHS and REACH free. Soteck has over 30 automatic production machines, an outstanding RD team, and has been cooperating with European companies on technique applications in order to develop high-end cutting tools.

Soteck specializes in hand saws and cutting tools and boasts of 30 years of manufacturing and export experience. We have passed ISO9001 certification, got GS product safety approvals and earned many product patents. We have an outstanding R&D team who constantly develops new designs depending on market demand ensures that our products fully meet customers' quality expectations and needs.

Both with advanced technology and 35 years of experience, Soteck ensures each customer's demands are met.

12inch (300mm) High-Tension Hacksaw


The solid steel hacksaw frame which is covered with bi-plastic materials allows blades to high tension leading to fast and straight cuts. Rotating the swing arm at the side of the handle can adjust the blade tension and change the blade with ease. Two blade angle options are 55 degree and 90 degree. There is a convenient blade storage in the handle for up to 5 blades. The comfortable handle can be easily held with two hands to make the saw completely steady. One 12 inch (300mm) bi-metal blade is included.

High-Tension Hacksaw Frame


  • Blade Length: 300mm (12inch)
  • Blade Material: H.S.S. Bi-Metal
  • Blade Thickness: 0.6mm
  • TPI: 24T (Teeth Per Inch) / PPI: 25P (Points Per Inch)
  • Frame: Iron Covered by Plastic
  • Handle: PP and TPR
  • Made in Taiwan
ModelTypeBlade (L)Blade (T)TPIPack TypeQty / InnerQty / MasterN.W. / KGSG.W. / KGSMeas. / cuft
YU-9665BiHacksaw300mm0.6mm24Color Sleeve122414152.3'


Cutting for Iron and Aluminum Tube; with Spare Blade Storage Frame; Multi-Angle Adjustment Blade, 55° and 90°.

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