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  • 7PC High Carbon Steel Hole Saw Set
    7PC High Carbon Steel Hole Saw Set

    The hole saw blade which is made of high-quality high carbon steel is processed with exclusive heat treatment for improved durability. The advanced tooth design ensures better cutting performance. 7pc hole saw blades of different sizes with the standard cutting depth of 1inch (25mm) make users enough to handle almost all hole drilling tasks. The heavy duty aluminum base holds blades securely and ensures minimum vibration. One 8mm drill bit is included. The hole saw set is great for wood and plastic cutting.

  • 7-in-1 High Carbon Hole Saw Set
    7-in-1 High Carbon Hole Saw Set

    The hole saw set contains 7 blades with different sizes, a strong aluminum base, and a 8mm drill bit. The hole saw blade is made of high carbon steel. The increased saw blade height helps users to cut through the material deeper and even enhances the hole saw durability. The exclusive hole saw blade heat treatment increases the lifespan of the hole saw. The specialized tooth set design makes users drill holes much smoother and faster. The hole saw set can be used for cutting all types of wood and plastic.

  • 3PC Hole Saw Set
    3PC Hole Saw Set

    The hole saw set is equipped with three high carbon steel blades of different sizes, one aluminum base and one 8mm drill bit. The exclusive heat treatment technology makes hole saw blades much more durable. The specially designed tooth set improves cutting efficiency. The cutting depth of hole saw is 40mm, deeper than other conventional standard hole saws. The aluminum base ensures that blades are mounted in a safe and easy way. The hole saw set is designed for drilling holes in wood and plastic materials.

  • 1PC Hole Saw Set
    1PC Hole Saw Set

    The primary use for the hole saw set is to drill holes in all types of wood and plastic. The heat-treated high carbon steel blade shows improved durability. The hole saw blade height is increased to 40mm in order to have deeper and quicker cuts. The unique tooth set makes chip carrying ability much better and prevents clogging. The solid aluminum base lets hole saw blades held safely and also mounted much easily. The included drill bit is 8mm in size.

  • 5PC Hole Saw Set
    5PC Hole Saw Set

    The hole saw set gives users 5 different hole saw blades which are the most common sizes helps users to create holes in wood and plastic much easily. Exclusive heat-treatment makes hole saw blades harder and more durable. The blade height of hole saws is 40mm to support deeper cuts. The tooth set design lets sawdust or chip remove quickly for greater cutting efficiently. The base which is made of aluminum holds hole saw blades tightly and securely. The set also contains one standard drill bit and hex key.

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