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Soteck Corporation, established in 1992 and based in Taiwan, is a premier manufacturer of high-quality Folding Saw, hand saws and cutting tools. Utilizing premium Japanese steel and advanced production techniques, Soteck offers a diverse range of products including pruning saws, hand saws, hacksaws, utility knives, and pruning shears. With a strong commitment to durability, precision, and international safety standards, Soteck serves gardening, landscaping, and woodworking professionals worldwide.

Soteck’s dedication to quality manufacturing is evidenced by their ISO-9001 certification, BSCI factory evaluation, and implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) practices. Their exceptional customer service and technical support further solidify their reputation as a trusted partner for professionals seeking superior cutting solutions.

Soteck has been offering customers high-quality hand saws and cutting tools, both with advanced technology and 35 years of experience, Soteck ensures each customer's demands are met.

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  • Garden Folding Saw
    Garden Folding Saw

    Folding saws which are foldable, lightweight, small in sizes, safer, easy to carry and convenient to store are used for trimming or cutting through dry and green wood. Everyone who is involved in gardening like pruning branches and trees, in landscaping, as well as in outdoor activities like camping, hiking and hunting should have one folding saw. Soteck, a folding saw producer, have many different types of folding saws which provide fast cuts are optimal choices to save money and efforts.

  • 7inch (170mm) Triple Ground Tooth Folding Saw
    7inch (170mm) Triple Ground Tooth Folding Saw

    A saw blade is made of SK5 Japanese high carbon steel. This folding pruning saw features a durable precision-ground 3-angled razor sharp teeth, folding design, straight blade and hard chrome-plated finish. Its blade can lock in three positions and its teeth can be folded into the handle for safety. The rubberized handle offers a non-slip and comfortable grip. It's easy to carry. This is a cost effective folding saw that is perfect for any pruning task or outdoor project.

  • 7inch (180mm) Tree Pruning Folding Saw
    7inch (180mm) Tree Pruning Folding Saw

    This folding pruning saw is a triple grinding sharp tooth saw with a straight Japanese steel blade for powerful cutting. The lacquered finish prevents from clogging and binding. There are three lock positions for the saw blade: open position, mid position and folded (close) position. Teeth can be completely hidden into the handle when the folding saw is folded. The ergonomically designed co-molded handle makes users feel comfortable. This folding saw is ideal for pruning branches and camping.

  • 7inch (180mm) Triple-Ground Teeth Folding Saw
    7inch (180mm) Triple-Ground Teeth Folding Saw

    This folding saw has a 7 inch (180mm) long saw blade that is made of SK5 Japanese steel with triple bevel sharp teeth for faster cutting. Its rust-resistant, hard chrome-plated, and taper-ground blade with special set teeth is perfect for pruning medium to large branches, storage and easy transport. This folding saw has two cutting positions, one for regular cuts and the other for hard to reach branches like cuts above your head. The curved rubberized handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable hold.

  • 7.5inch (190mm) Folding Saw with Locking Clip
    7.5inch (190mm) Folding Saw with Locking Clip

    The hardened Japanese steel blade with chrome-plated finish provides longer service life. Its taper-ground design straight blade with 3 sided ground teeth makes cuts free of sawdust and fast. This folding saw has an excellent safe locking mechanism which could hold the blade in place easily with a reliable metal click lock. The economic slip-resistant comfort grip handle is lighter to help users to put less strain on the wrist. This folding saw is used for pruning, landscaping, camping and outdoor tasks.

  • 7.5inch (190mm) Folding Pruning Saw with PP Handle
    7.5inch (190mm) Folding Pruning Saw with PP Handle

    There are two available blade lengths for this high-quality folding saw blade, one 7.5 inch (190mm) long and the other 9.5 inch (240mm) long. This folding saw has a straight blade design with a standard tooth pattern for smooth cuts. Its metal click lock design can lock the saw blade in place ensuring safety. The comfort handle is lightweight and easy to carry. Product applications include landscaping, pruning and camping.

  • 8inch (210mm) Professional Folding Saw
    8inch (210mm) Professional Folding Saw

    The 8 inch (210mm) Japanese high carbon steel straight blade with 3 sided ground teeth is designed for more aggressive cuts. The taper-ground blade with a hard chrome coating makes cuts even heavy breaches with great ease. This folding saw features two cutting positions. One position is for regular cuts and the other position is for cuts in confined spaces or overhead. The rugged handle is made of non-slip bi-materials. It's a powerful portable folding saw for landscaping, gardening and camping.

  • 8inch (210mm) 2-In-1 Replaceable Folding Saw
    8inch (210mm) 2-In-1 Replaceable Folding Saw

    This replaceable straight folding saw comes with two different saw blades which are made of high-quality SK5 Japanese high carbon steel. One features triple-grinding hard point teeth for pruning and trimming. The other with special ED black coating is easy to cut pvc and metal tubes. The locking system with a wing nut ensures easy blade changes. Two cutting positions allows users to do cutting with ease, even in awkward areas. This folding saw is ideal for gardening, landscaping, camping and home cutting jobs.

  • 7inch (180mm) Curved Folding Saw
    7inch (180mm) Curved Folding Saw

    This 7 inch (180mm) folding saw with a curved blade design offers great stability and strength. 3 sided ground teeth provide smooth and fast cutting for small to medium branches. This folding saw has a hard chrome finish which prevents from rust and decreases friction. The ergonomically designed handle ensures high comfort, less fatigue and safe holding for users. Two additional saw blade sizes are available. This folding saw helps users to do landscaping, pruning, camping and outdoor tasks easily.

  • 8inch (205mm) Curved Folding Pruning Saw
    8inch (205mm) Curved Folding Pruning Saw

    This folding saw blade length is set at 8 inch (205mm). Each tooth is three cutting edge for fast and cleaner cuts. Three blade locking positions are available. The open lock position keeps its blade firmly in place allowing to cut quickly. The middle lock position prevents users from accidentally injuring their fingers. The closed lock position makes teeth be hidden into the handle for safety. This folding saw which is easy to be stored and carried is ideal for gardening and landscaping.

  • 12inch (300mm) Curved Folding Saw with Wooden Handle
    12inch (300mm) Curved Folding Saw with Wooden Handle

    This traditional simple folding saw with a 12 inch (300mm) blade is cost-effective. This folding saw has a high-quality SK5 Japanese steel curved blade with file large teeth for cleaner cuts on green or dry wood. This folding saw with a wing-nut locking system is much more easier for users to open and close. The rugged comfortable handle is made of hardwood for durability. This folding saw is used for pruning, landscaping and any gardening job.

  • 7inch (180MM) Japanese Style Folding Saw
    7inch (180MM) Japanese Style Folding Saw

    Soteck Japanese style folding saw is a rugged pull cut hand saw built to last with an adjustable 7-inch SK5 high carbon steel blade. The sharp teeth can easily and quickly cut trees, and chip removal is fast without jamming the teeth. The handle of the folding saw is ergonomically designed, it helps reduce fatigue when cutting and allows to cut quickly and effortlessly. In addition, it gives a comfortable and easy to handle grip when sawing through extra tough branches. This folding saw is great for backyard pruning and bushcraft use and also to use it in your garden to trim shrubs and trees.

  • 7inch (180MM) Folding Metal Saw
    7inch (180MM) Folding Metal Saw

    This folding saw blade with 24 teeth per inch is made of SK5 high carbon steel. The ED coating on the surface of saw blade can better prevent dust and rust. This saw has a safety lock and the ergonomic non-slip handle for a safe and stable grip. The blade angle can be switched in two stages according to the work situation, it is highly convenient and safe for users. It also can dismantle large oversized garbage into small pieces and dispose of it compactly, such as aluminum, plastic, and costume cases.

  • 7inch (180MM) Multi-Purpose Saw
    7inch (180MM) Multi-Purpose Saw

    This folding saw is made of high-hardness high carbon steel with special black coating. The surface of the blade is flat and smooth and it is not easily caught by the cutting object. A special fine-tooth blade can cut hard material with minimum force and short time. It locks easily and securely into 2 different angular positions for smooth and effortless cuts. The rubber soft handle reduces hand slippage and reduces hand fatigue. It is suitable for carpets, pipes, bamboo curtains, and bathtub covers.

  • 8inch(210MM) Folding Hand Saw with 24TPI
    8inch(210MM) Folding Hand Saw with 24TPI

    Soteck folding saw is equipped with fine teeth blade which is great for metal and plastic. The aggressive staggered teeth have been hardened for longevity and provide sharp sawing. The handle is shaped to form to your hand. It also contains a soft rubber to help you keep your grip. It has 3 positions locking mechanism and there are no exposed teeth when locks are closed. This prevents accidental injury when not in use. There is a hole on the handle of bottom and it can be used for carrying the saw or for hanging it up during storage.

  • 7inch (170mm) Folding Tungsten Carbide Edge Saw
    7inch (170mm) Folding Tungsten Carbide Edge Saw

    This special cutting tool is a folding saw with a tungsten teeth design which is different from a regular ground teeth design is designed for cutting glass, tile, and brick. The saw blade 7 inch (170mm) is made of SK5 high carbon steel. A 1.3mm thick blade reduces vibration to avoid wobbling. Saw teeth are hardened to stay sharp much longer. Users can lock the saw blade in three positions: the open, middle and folded position. The comfortable handle is made of two materials for easy to grip.

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