Soteck - A professional manufacturer of a wide variety of high quality hand-operated saws: pruning saws, hand saws, hacksaws, utility knives, pruning shears.

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  • Garden Pruning Shear
    Garden Pruning Shear

    A pruning shear is normally a type of hand-operated scissor for use on little branch, shrub, flower, fruit, and plant. A pruning shear which makes jobs at the garden and farm done much more quickly and easily can keep garden or farm looks neater and more attractive. Soteck, a bypass pruning shear producer in Taiwan, provides pruning shears helping to do trimming jobs for taking care of the health of plants, resulting in the better productivity. A pruning shear also can be used for fruit harvesting jobs.

  • 8.5inch (215mm) Bypass Pruning Shear
    8.5inch (215mm) Bypass Pruning Shear

    This garden pruning shear with sharp stainless steel blades is ideal for trimming or cutting garden plants like branches, flowers, plants, shrubs, fruits or trees. The built spring-loaded mechanism makes blades to rebound automatically after each cut to reduce hand fatigue. The ergonomic non-slip aluminum handle is strong and comfortable. The pruning shear which has a safety lock can be unlocked easily with one hand. It is also a utility scissor which can be used for cutting cable, wire, and cord protector.

  • 9inch (225mm) Pruning Shear
    9inch (225mm) Pruning Shear

    This garden pruning shear made of high-quality stainless steel is great for cutting branches, flowers, fruits, shrubs and other garden plants. The blades which are precision-sharpened help garden cutting jobs more easier and efficient. The embedded spring provides a gentle bounce to cutting action so as to protect users' hand and wrist. The locking device makes the bypass pruning shears smoothly open and easily locked with one hand for safety. The ergonomic handle let users operate comfortably.

  • 8.4inch (210mm) Pruning Shear
    8.4inch (210mm) Pruning Shear

    This utility scissor is suitable for leather, sheet metal, rope, rubber, and fish cutting. It also can work with bonsai or is used for plant care like trimming branches and flowers. A 8.4" (210mm) ultra-sharp straight blade is made of high-quality surgical stainless steel to ensure sharpness longer and durability. The strong lightweight aluminum handle has soft TPR grips providing higher comfort and better control, bringing about greater efficiency. The proper handle size works with any hand size.

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