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Based in Taiwan since 1992, Soteck Corporation excels in manufacturing a diverse range of hand-operated saws and cutting tools, including 6inch (150mm) Ergo-Grip Drywall Saw, garden pruning saws, woodworking hand saws, hacksaws, utility knives, and pruning shears. They hold ISO9001 certification and GS product safety approvals, highlighting their focus on quality and safety standards. Use of high-quality Japanese steel for blades and compliance with PAHS and Reach for plastic components.

Soteck Corporation, established in Taiwan, is a leading manufacturer of high-quality cutting tools, including pruning saws, hand saws, hacksaws, utility knives, and pruning shears. With a commitment to innovation and quality, Soteck's products are made from premium Japanese steel and meet rigorous international safety standards, making them the go-to choice for professionals in gardening, landscaping, and woodworking.

Soteck has been offering customers professional gardening tools and 35 years of experience, Soteck ensures each customer's demands are met.

6inch (150mm) Ergo-Grip Drywall Saw


A 6 inch (150mm) SK5 high carbon steel blade with hardened file tooth pattern provides good cuts performance on wallboard, drywall, gypsum board, plywood, and other building materials. This drywall saw has a sharpened point at the tip to plunge into boards easily without requiring a hole drilling first. The screwed two-component handle is ergonomically designed to give users a comfortable handle feel, no slip, safety at work and cutting efficiency and also has a hole at the end for convenient hanging.

Wallboard Saw, Jab Saw, Gypsum Board Saw


  • Blade Length: 150mm (6inch)
  • Blade Material: SK5 High Carbon Steel
  • Blade Thickness: 1.2mm
  • Blade Coating: Lacquered
  • Teeth Type: Double Ground Teeth
  • Teeth Hardening: Impulse Hardened Teeth
  • TPI: 7T (Teeth Per Inch) / PPI: 8P (Points Per Inch)
  • Handle: PP and TPR
  • Made in Taiwan
ModelTypeBlade (L)Blade (T)TPIPack TypeQty / InnerQty / MasterN.W. / KGSG.W. / KGSMeas. / cuft
YU-4088Drywall Saw150mm1.2mm7Half Sliding Card127212132.2'
YU-4088-18Drywall Saw150mm1.8mm7Half Sliding Card127213142.2'


Cutting for Sheet Gypsum and Wallboard.

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