Soteck - A professional manufacturer of a wide variety of high quality hand-operated saws: pruning saws, hand saws, hacksaws, utility knives, pruning shears.

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Soteck Introduction

Soteck Corporation is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Metal Cutting Tool Industry. Soteck has been offering our customers high quality Pruning Saw, Folding Saw, Hacksaw, Woodworking Hand Saw, Japanese Saw, Drywall Saw, Tree Pruner, Junior Hacksaw, Tenon Saw since 1992. With both advanced technology and 35 years experience, Soteck always make sure to meet each customer's demand.


Q & A

Saws and Cutting tools Buying Guide - How to choose the right saws and cutting tools.

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  • How to choose a saw based on teeth per inch?

    In general, a saw with more teeth per inch cuts slower but leaves a cleaner finish; a saw with less teeth per inch cuts faster but leaves a rougher finish. Besides, the more teeth per inch a saw has, the harder materials the saw can cut through.

  • Why choose a saw with triple ground teeth instead of a saw with double ground teeth?

    Sawteeth are ground in three different angles so they are called triple ground teeth. A saw with triple ground teeth can provide smoother and more efficient cuts than a traditional saw with double ground teeth because it has sharper teeth and smoother gullets.

  • What is impulse-hardening teeth?

    The teeth are hardened by means of wave impulses with a very high peak power and a special high frequency. The impulse-hardening teeth means sawteeth will stay sharper for longer.

  • How to buy a saw based on the thickness of the blade?

    As a general rule, a thicker blade is firmer so higher precision and better cutting performance can be expected; a thinner blade features its flexibility so it's better to choose a thin blade if you want flush cuts or thinner cuts.

Result 1 - 4 of 4